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Jen ~AKA Passionate Pachyderms (PP~) 


Is the Matriarch, founder, and leader of “Passionate Pachyderms,” a national political watch dog/action group consisting of more than 2.5 million Conservative Right supporters, friends, Tea Party and Republican Group and Party members & leaders, national talk radio and television personalities, nationally known Conservative Bloggers, national, state and local elected officials, Conservative artists, musicians and writers, Internationally known activists, & speakers, organization executives, and patriots from every state in the nation. Members of the Passionate Pachyderm “herd” speak out with BRUTAL HONESTY, and take action when they see something “WRONG,”  “QUESTIONABLE,” or “CONCERNING” that requires the attention of the American people.


PP~ a six foot tall long blond haired pachyderm with ADHD, has always had a passion for writing. She has spent her life indulging that passion in one form or another in spite of having “fat fingers.” (She is after all, an elephant.) She also has a tendency to use “creative spelling” options. Chances are, if you see a miss-spelled word on this web site, it was typed by the elephant. Feel free to bring it to her attention, but if you do, don’t be offended if you get a Pithy retort, and she won’t be offended because you pointed it out.


As a Matriarch, She is heavily involved in politics on local state and national levels, and travels frequently to Washington D.C. and other places due to that involvement.  She frequently acts as an “Ombudsman” of sorts between the  Grass Roots TEA Party community, and the Republican establishment. She does battle for what is RIGHT with the fierceness of a lion who has little or no concept of failure, and the loyalty / determination of a pachyderm. She keeps her fingers on the pulse of what is happening in our country and the world, and is probably the only elephant you’ll ever hear of who sleeps with C-Span on so she doesn’t “miss anything.”


PP~ is also the Producer and Director of the Passionate Pachyderm videos. She has a keen sense of timing, and a remarkable ability to tell a story without saying a word.. She loves playing in the mud, going fast and feeling the wind in her hair.  She is, without question ALWAYS,  the brutally honest elephant in the room.

Evan Wynn


Evan Wynn

Evan served for almost twenty-two years in the U.S. Military, retiring as a Master Sergeant. As a paratrooper, he was assigned to units such as the 82nd Airborne Division. He was also stationed in many countries around the world during his career, including a combat tour in Iraq with Joint Task Force 134.

Evan earned numerous awards while in the military to include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal (3 times), the Army Commendation Medal (5 times), Army Achievement Medal (9 times), U.S. Army & Australian Parachutist Wings, and the Air Assault Badge.

After retiring from the U.S. Army in 2006, Evan earned his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduating summa cum laude. He is a licensed to teach K-12 in four subject areas.

Upon graduating from UW-Whitewater, Evan worked for the Cooperative Educational Service Agency teaching in New Glarus, Wisconsin, and worked as a volunteer at Whitewater High School as an Assistant Football Coach and advisor to the Key Club.

In 2010, Evan Wynn was elected as the Representative of the 43rd Assembly District to the Wisconsin State Assembly and served through 2012. During his time in the legislature, Evan received numerous legislative awards for being a strong advocate for veterans and veterans’ issues and for his legislative accomplishments improving employment opportunities.

Evan is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) previously serving as the 1st District Commander. He is also a member of the American Legion; the 82nd Airborne Division Association; and the Disabled American Veterans. He is a Past President of the Whitewater Breakfast Kiwanis.

He has been happily married for over 23 years to the former Annette B. McAndrews.  They have one daughter Michelle.

Donna Cole

Donna Bio PicConstitutional Libertarian Donna Cole has been writing on politics, the news media, and where the two intersect from a conservative perspective since the late 1990s. Her work has been featured by WISN-1130am news director Ken Herrera and radio talk show hosts Mark Belling, also of WISN, and Charlie Sykes of WTMJ-620am. She is a frequent guest blogger on conservative television pundit and radio host Kevin Fischer’s This Just In blog. Since 2011 she has blogged on her own site MediaPolitical. Donna is now thrilled to be joining the Passionate Pachyderms’ team as a senior editorial columnist.

While Donna was born and raised in the South, and still considers herself a Southern belle, she has lived in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area for the past decade with her wonderful husband of nine years and a very spoiled cat named Boo Boo.

To follow Donna, Twitter: @mediapolitical, Facebook: Donna Cole’s MediaPolitical



Andrea K. Suiters-Robson

Andrea“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” ~ Isaac Asimov. I am an Artist, Christian and a HOBBIT who is very concerned for my country, my grandchildren’s future and the future of the Republic. I am a writer, blogger and my desire is to spread the truth, examine life’s journey and perhaps have a laugh along the way. I graduated from the University of Iowa in 1997 with a BA in Social Work. Yes, I am a conservative Social Worker; I am a very rare breed! I worked in the mental health field in Des Moines for 2 years before moving to the United Kingdom where I worked in the Youth Justice System for 9 years. Before attending the University of Iowa I was a single mom and raised 2 beautiful children with the help of my parents. So I have seen and experienced life from both sides of the fence. I began writing in 2011, when I saw the direction our country was headed. Concerned for my children and grandchildren I could no longer sit on the couch shouting at the television, I felt I had to do something more. So, on the morning of August 17th 2012 I put pen to paper (so to speak) and wrote my first essay/article/column sharing my fears and posted it in my little group on FB. Today, I have my own blog, and I am a regular News contributor for Life and Liberty Media. Discouraged and disgusted with the Republican Party, and the GOP establishment, I consider myself to be a Constitutional Conservative with a bit of Libertarian thrown in for good measure. I believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our Founding Father’s Principals and the sanctity of the Christian church. I am currently writing my first book and boy what a cathartic and liberating experience this journey is turning out to be. • Here is the Active link to my site along with my email and Twitter…

Twitter @GeordieGirlUS


Chuck Pithy

Chuck 013Chuck Pithy has been a conservative since his first political debate in the 8th grade.  His vast experience with political campaigns, local, state and national politics has given him some unique insights.  Many of you proudly wear pins from his conservative button business, Pithy Pins (  Chuck has been to many TeaParty and Political events and has given informational seminars to TeaParty groups.  Chuck says he started blogging because the Media has doing more to hide information from us than reporting it.  When he is not paying attention to politics and world events, he enjoys NASCAR, working around his home, ATVing and spending time with family and friends.


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