Ass Kicking Pachys

Here at Passionate Pachyderms we proud to promote and call our friends the two ass kicking musical artists listed below.  They are friends of ours and we have no doubt of both their talent and love of our country.  The songs they write and perform are from the heart.  If you want to hear some great music and support conservative artists you will love Buck and Dee.

Buck Allen   Buck Allen

Buck Allen…I’m a pretty simple guy really, I’m a songwriter, surfer, gardener, good neighbor (I try y’all)!!! I’ve always been a songwriter I remember walking to school as a kid making up and singing songs. During the 90’s I was the front man for “Seven and Three Quarters” a punk band with a southern flare. As I got older I found myself reverting back to my roots, acoustic music. Currently my goals are to continue writing, recording, pitching my music to anyone that will listen. If you need songs for a project I have plenty for you, just ask! Thanks for getting this far in my bio!!! lol Have a great day and be nice!!!

You can find Buck’s Music at:

You can follow Buck on facebook at:



Dee RockDee Rock

Dee Rock’s Lone Star roots run deep, tracing his family from the time of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie at the Alamo, to today. 

Both of Dee’s parents are music lovers and raised their children on a soundtrack ranging from Motown to Grand Ole Opry,  with artists like BB King, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and The Allman Brothers.  All of that great music has shaped Dee Rock’s style and sent him down the road he’s  on.

Dee Rock has found success in both sides of the music industry ~ on stage and off ~  from producing artists and song writing for various record companies including Virgin,  EMI and Capitol Records to writing the soundtrack for the Warner Bros. film “Divas.”   Dee’s songwriting and guitar playing can be heard on the TLC show “American Chopper” as well as on the Discovery channel biker show “Southern Steel / Milwaukee Iron” on which he also sings the show’s theme song. 

Dee also composed music for Beach Body includingthe P90X / Slim in Six infomercials.

Dee Rock is very proud of his debut solo CD, “The Road Ain’t Long” and feels blessed to work with such wonderful people.  Some of Nashville’s most in-demand studio musicians contributed to the sound that is uniquely Dee Rock; their talent and their friendship is greatly appreciated.

You can find Dee’s music at :

You can follow Dee on Facebook at:

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