This Is The Terrorism That You Can’t Hear About

A guest blog by  … Joe Schmuckitellie

With all the talk about the current ‘deal’ that the U.S. and a few other folks made with Iran the other day, I’ve got to make a statement.

This is the absolute worst act of terrorism ever committed against all of the proples of the earth.!

You can find all of the particulars in the current media. I would suggest Krauthammer. But since 9/11, aside from our Veterans and a few other Americans, we’ve not really seen terrorism here. For those of you who don’t know, oil is what fills the balls of the bulls that herd this Earth to breed.

If Iran is able to construct a nuclear weapon in the coming months, she will weild power that will be as effective as a cowboy’s rubber band in the production of steers. Go find out how to do That on your own.

Everything is ran by computers now. A nuclear blast puts off what is called an EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse. EMPs kill electronics.

Security in the Persian Gulf is very lax. Very lax. Every shipping facility in the Gulf uses electronics to load boats, that steer off of electronics, with oil, that is pumped via electronics from electronically controlled oild fields. This oil, a lot of it anyway, makes it into your fuel tank so that you can go to the job you do every day.

You pumped that fuel from an electronically controlled network. That’s probably how you paid for it.

‘Oh, did you hear that Iran tested a weapon off the coast of Haifa today’ ‘No, how did that go’. Well, seems like they set it of on the contintal self, it caused a tsunamie that killed hundreds of thousands’. ‘OMG that’s terrible! Is there way I can help’. ‘Yeah, dig your own grave because we’ll be out of oil pretty soon. That gas station is closed forever.’

Sorry folks, just trying to be optomistic… Can you say Clinton and Korea!

by … Joe Schuckitellie

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