PDMP’s, Privacy, Patients, Pharmacies, Physicians, & The Plan

  By Passionate Pachyderms Most Americans haven’t got a clue what  PDMP’s are, what they do,  how they affect them, their family members, or their rights to privacy. They have no idea that PDMP’s are tied…


“How did it come to this? In the following pages, we outline startling findings from our unique, new research regarding the issuance of the controversial “Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s Opioid Guidelines.” These guidelines are at the epicenter of the justification of both bad federal and state policy denying patient access to opioid medication (no matter how necessary and justified.) “

Pain And Prevarication, The Truth About The Illegal Drug Epidemic

The rate of Americans suffering severe chronic pain which 

requires daily pain medications continues to rise, not because of 

any unchecked substance abuse problem gone wild, but rather, 

because we have an aging baby boomer population that is living 

longer than Americans have ever lived before, and has spent the 

majority of their lives engaged in the back breaking labor required 

to build the country we now live in.  To make, invent, and improve 

many of the products we can’t live without, and to provide our 

children and grandchildren with the lives they now enjoy. 

CDC Was Warned About Consequences Of Guidelines

Passionate Pachyderms https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/washlegal-uploads/upload/litigation/misc/CDCComments-Opioids.pdf   The above link will take you to a letter which was written a year prior to the CDC guidelines being released. The CDC was very clearly warned about the consequences of releasing…

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

An Open Letter To Eric Bolling @ericbolling, I’m truly sorry for your loss, but there are a few things you don’t seem to be able to grasp, or perhaps choose not to grasp. 1. Your son…


By Passionate Pachyderms Shhhh… Can you hear it? The faint rumble of a coming storm. It gets stronger, more persistent as each day passes. We’ve gathered, planned, prepared. We are millions, traveling together, in lock step,…

Pachyderm Herd Leader Schools Liberal Media On Loyalty And 2020 TRUMPVISION

Pachyderms by their very nature are loyal creatures. We NEVER forget, and yes, because we never forget, we tend to hold a grudge. It’s nothing personal, well, scratch that, it is in fact very personal. For…


PASSIONATEPACHYDERMS.COM The QUEEN OF CORRUPTION, Hillary Clinton is putting on a good show in spite of the crushing death blow to her presidential campaign that came out of nowhere Friday afternoon. F.B.I director James Comey defied…


A PASSIONATE PACHYDERM PRESENTATION This presentation was originally designed to be presented by us in person in a PowerPoint format. Because of the importance of the subject matter we are providing it here for you to…


BY: PASSIONATE PACHYDERMS Theres something in the air in Cleveland Ohio this week. I mean something America hasn’t seen in quite some time, it’s a concept, a hope, a belief, a dream if you will, that…

COPS LIVES MATTER! Two Lynchburg VA. Businesses Thank Police With Free Dinner

By: Passionate Pachyderms Two Lynchburg area businesses took time out of their Sunday afternoon to let their local police know they’re appreciated, and thank them for all they do in the community, by providing 60-70 officers…

Do You Want 306 People To Decide The Fate Of The Entire World?

 With all the drama that abounds in the world, it seems that a few of the GOP delegate have found a way to add more drama to our lives.  The movement is called “Delegates Unbound” and…

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