Brutally honest observations from the herd

By: Passionate Pachyderms  on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 11:01pm ·   With all due respect to New RNC leader Reince Preibus who only recently  stepped up to try and save the day, and who in all fairness deserves…

The D. C. Donkey Dance (The Jackass Promenade)

From the 16 TRILLION dollar debt, to Fast and Furious. From billions spent on Obama’s entertainment, transportation, and transgressions, to this administration’s complete lack of TRANSPARENCY. From Obamacare lies, to Benghazi murders and beyond… Passionate Pachyderms…

The Uniform

Incredible Patriotic video honoring America’s military members and their families, written & performed by Recording Artist, DEE ROCK ( Dee’s amazing music is brought to life by Passionate Pachyderm’s ( magic video making touch, the result…

Infinitely Andrew, We’re All Breitbart Now

A breathtaking, heartfelt tribute to the life of Andrew Breitbart, who showed the silent majority how to find their voice, and speak up. A true conservative patriot leader, taken from us far too soon. Andrew will…

Sarah Palin “These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

Sarah’s “Boots On The Ground” are poised and READY for marching orders, and THEY mean BUSINESS! PALIN POWER!  

We told you so, Sarah Palin was RIGHT… AGAIN!


Sarah Palin, Ready to Lead!

Sarah Palin Announces She’s in, Get Your Grrrrrrrrr On, Join The Team, And Get On Board! 

Game on!

Passionate Pachyderms presents a Hard hitting, fast moving, TEA Party strikes back video, with FANTASTIC Music, and an important story to tell. A MUST SEE! 

Signs Of The Times…

A truly riveting, meaningful video that packs a serious punch as it gives example after example why Obama needs to be a one ONE TERM president! Fantastic music too!

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We are a Conservative Political action/Advocacy/and watch dog group with over 2.5 million members world wide! We DO NOT, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL MONETIZE OUR WEB SITE, VIDEOS, MEMES, OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH PASSIONATE PACHYDERMS….

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