A Near Deadly Blow To A Passionate Heart

By Passionate Pachyderms

In honor of Andrew Breitbart, and the anniversary of his passing,  I’d like to share with you a story about how profound an impact this one person had on so many others.

When I learned of Andrews death, my first response was disbelief… I honestly thought it was Andrew making a point, the way only Andrew could, with boldness, and dramatic flair.

In the following moments, days and weeks, as I realized it was no joke, it was not Andrew being Bold… being Andrew, I felt combinations of things that I struggled mightily with.

I had just seen Andrew, just spoken with him, just plotted, planned, and gotten advice from him, and I remembered the warm hug he’d given me before he ran off with his hair on fire, eager to cause more trouble for the left,  see to a million other things, and speak to other friends and patriots who wanted to know what “Breitbart’s next move” might be.

I felt such a loss in fact, such a sense of defeat, at a time when we had only just started to see a glimmer of hope born of years of battle,  which just never seemed to pause, let alone stop for a minute.  Andrew had given me hope.  Hope that maybe, just maybe, there was the smallest chance we could win in Nov 2012, and get the opportunity to start setting things back on track in our country.

I knew that without Andrew, without his enthusiasm, his bold fearlessness, and his ability to light a fire under the exhausted troops, the glimmer of light I’d seen off in the distance, had been extinguished along with his life.

I was crushed for his wife and children. I was angry, and there was a black void where a patriot, a mentor,  and hero, used to live.  The person I most wanted to be like, where “Andrew” had taken up residence in my “Passionate Pachyderm” heart, and I felt lost and adrift.

Suddenly, the fire in my Passionate heart that drove me to keep speaking out, keep leading the charge, and keep fighting, had been doused with water, and left a wet, smoldering mess.

I didn’t know what to do to close the hole I felt in my heart. it seemed as though the compass I’d been following since I’d begun to fight was gone.  I no longer had any clue which direction to go in or lead my troops in, and for the first time, for the briefest of seconds,  I asked myself if continuing the battle was really worth the cost.

It occurred to me I had reached a turning point,  I had to decide which way to go, and live with the consequences of it.   I sat in front of my computer, and did one of the many things I do, … I created a video.

For more than a week, I worked night and day on it, going through the memories of every event, meeting, conference, and rally, remembering the people we’d worked with, helped, and met, as well as each place we’d traveled to, and done battle at since the #WAR began.

 I found just the right photos, put them together in just the right order, feverishly fanning away the smoke, and clearing away the wet ashes. With each step the spark that remained became just a little more exposed, and  a little more painful as it sunk in I would never again see Andrew at those battles, but it also became brighter stubbornly refusing to be extinguished.

As I built the video, I remembered my friend.  I recalled all that he’d taught and shown me. With each click of motion I added,  I rebuilt the fire.  The music, which came to me like a bright flash of lightning at just the right moment,  was the message that would once again set it aflame, stronger, and hotter than it had ever burned before.

Infinitely Andrew, We’re All Breitbart Now: http://youtu.be/d83votQjEeU

By the time it was finished, I was reminded of all that Andrew was, all that he still is, and all that he will forever be.  I realized, that while he may have been taken from us, he will NEVER be gone, and that he had succeeded in doing exactly what he had set out to, and become exactly what he wanted to become. Because, WE ARE ALL BREITBART NOW.

Andrew Breitbart made a difference. He taught you and me how to make one too. He showed me how to question and speak with BOLDNESS, and how to STAND in the face of any storm without fear, and how to lead.  I took those lessons, and passed them on to others, they in turn have have done the same, and so it will go.

Passionate Pachyderms has become one of the largest, well respected Conservative voices for, and of, RIGHT minded people.  Had I given up in the moments, days and weeks  after Andrews death,  it would have meant I had surrendered, and allowed the enemy to win. It would have told them that by removing the one, they could remove many.

I didn’t surrender, and I didn’t give up. instead, together we have sent the message and shown them, that if one of us is removed,  the collective will fight back, and many will grow in his place.  We will become stronger in our resolve, and more determined than ever to WIN THE #WAR.  

I know that Andrew Breitbart lives now, and will continue to live on forever, as the Bold and fearless leader in us all. 

Be well my friends.

  • Be the TRUTH,
  • BE BOLD, 

 Rest in peace A.B. we miss you!

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