By Passionate Pachyderms

For Decades We’ve been silenced and censored more at every turn. (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)

We’ve been spied upon in our homes,(T.Vs Alexa, Google, Computers) vehicles,(GPS) and in our daily lives.(Smart and cell phones, tablets, iPads)

Our privacy has been violated in every conceivable way in the name of a “Secure Nation.” (NSA, CIA)

Our first amendment rights to free speech has been ripped from our grasp as we’ve been censored, banned, and muted. Each day the assault gets worse.

Our second amendment right to bear arms and to take up those arms in defense of  ourselves, our families, and property, as well as in defense against a tyrannical government has been chiseled away more and more with each passing year, not to mention each mass shooting. (Bans on certain high capacity and caliber weapons and Magazines) **How can we be expected to take on a tyrannical government with nothing but short guns and low capacity hand guns and weaponry? Clearly these bans were NOT what the founding father had in mind when the wrote the Bill Of Rights!***

Our flags (Confederate) and historical monuments (multiple, in multiple cities across the nation) have been covered, removed and destroyed by bands of violent thugs paid to disrupt, divide and incite unrest in the name of a history they had no part of, and can’t recall having learned about in school.

We have a media that lies, misleads, edits, invents, and manipulates stories they report as fact, when they no longer resemble any semblance of truth. (New York Times, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, L.A. TIMES, TIME MAGAZINE, NEWS WEEK, ETC.)

Elected representatives who no longer “represent” anyone or anything but their own self interests, arrive in Washington D.C. public servants, but within their first terms become multi millionaires with government salaries that make doing that impossible. (OBAMA, BILL CLINTON, HILLARY CLINTON, MAXINE WATERS, DICK DURBAN, JOHN MCCAIN, ETC. ETC.)

These same Elected representatives who spend their days forming committees to discuss forming committees who will have hearings about whether or not to have hearings to decide what they should do about the findings of other hearings and committees,  but never actually accomplish a damn thing!

Who refuse to do their jobs, then blame and pass laws that punish law abiding honest American citizens for the fact that they failed miserably at doing their jobs!

Representatives who tell us far too often “wait” “be patient” “We’re working on it” but again, nothing ever happens or gets done.

Representatives who have appointed public employees (HEADS OF CIA, FBI, IRS, NSA, SOS)  to positions where they have proceeded to lie to congress,(HOLDER, CLAPPER, LEARNER, CLINTON,ETC) lie to the American people, be in contempt of congress,(HOLDER) where they have hidden despicable acts, (drug running, gun running, arming ISIS) committed by other government entities from us, who have targeted us based upon our political affiliations, (IRS, Lois Learner) silenced us, prevented us from engaging in political organizations of our choice, stollen billions of dollars from us, (Obama cash to Iran) and consistently freely taken advantage of the American citizenry for their own selfish gain, and for the advancement of their political agendas.

Once outed, we have been forced to sit back and watch while the guilty parties have been allowed to simply resign (Comey, Learner) or retire without consequence, arrest or adjudication of any sort, keeping all pay and benefits including retirement, further thwarting the American people, established rule of law, and those they have wronged with consequence.

The American people have been repeatedly and systematically manipulated, belittled, lied to, and insulted by the very “public servants” employed and entrusted to carry out the task of running our government again without consequence.

We’ve been prohibited from knowing or finding out about despicable acts perpetrated by members of our government who have engaged in these acts under bogus pretenses, (MK Ultra, Monarch, Mockingbird) some of which having involved American citizens without their knowledge or consent. (MK Ultra)

Many have stood silent for decades allowing the constant drum beat of government to hypnotize them into a deep slumber of disbelief and inaction, BUT NO MORE!

We have awakened from that hypnotic slumber. We’ve silenced the drum beat, and opened our eyes to the ugly truth of what now surrounds us.

We are disgusted!

We are outraged!

We are gathering, talking, and we are planning.

We are speaking out, demanding answers, and demanding action.

No longer accepting of the lies, the deception, the manipulation, and placation.

Many have turned their T.V.’s off and are no longer mind numbed and brain washed by subliminal programming, and messaging which abounds there.

We’ve noticed that things we’ve been told and led to believe don’t add up, stories don’t make sense, that our government no longer understands nor can even conceptualize at this point, that they in fact work for us!

They have deluded themselves into believing “WE THE PEOPLE” would never discover their crimes, or if we did, we’d be too ignorant to figure them out, or too late to do anything about them.

That the double standard put carefully in place, which allows for one set of rules and laws for politicians, the elite and their friends, but carries no consequences for the crimes they commit will never be breeched, and they will never be held to the same standards, rules, laws and consequences the rest of us are subject to.

They’ve noticed we are awake, and in their effort to shut us up, and prevent us from sharing what we know, they’ve begun censoring and silencing us. Removing only Conservative and right leaning discord and accounts, labeling us “conspiracy theorists” “extremists,” Labeling what we have to say as “Hate Speech” simply because it happens to differ from their planned narrative.

Will you continue to allow this?

will you allow them to silence you?

To rob you go your constitutional rights one at a time? 

Will you be content to sit back and do nothing as they take apart this once great country more each day?

Will you believe their lies? And their excuses? Will you permit their abuses on American citizens who know nothing about their sick twisted end games? To poison our food and water with pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives that sicken our children, weaken our immune systems, and cause cancer and other diseases?

Ask yourselves, in my grandparents day, how many people did they know who got cancer? How many died from it?

How many in your parents day?

Now how many today, in your time?

Do any of us know even one person whose life has never been touched by cancer? No friends. no family, no co workers? Why is that?

Our grand parents and parents lived/grew up in a time where they ate meat with every meal. Drank whole milk, ate high cholesterol breakfasts daily. they used real sugar, fried foods in lard and animal fat. they consumed real cream, real butter, and had real ice cream.

They smoked, drank, rode bikes without a helmet, and rode in cars without seatbelts on. They grew things, made things, and fixed things. they burned trash, forged steel, and mined coal.

They knew their neighbors names and came together in times of trouble. Their kids didn’t spend all their time playing video games and watching T.V. so why is it they were happier and healthier than we are?

Why is it there weren’t gangs of MS 13 roaming the streets killing people and raping children?

The more control we’ve allowed them the worse things have gotten!

Perhaps no one noticed because everyone was too damn busy being politically correct to spell it out. Well here it is, spelled out in all it’s horrific glory blinking at you from the screen of your cell phone, computer, tablet, or iPad.



Or, are YOU too busy watching “The Voice,” “Designated survivor,” or some equally mind numbing thing on the T.V. your government is spying on you with?

Think about it folks, what you allow, will continue.

I am passionate Pachyderms, and I tell it like it is! 

We are the Brutally Honest Elephants In Every Room.


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