Do You Want 306 People To Decide The Fate Of The Entire World?

 With all the drama that abounds in the world, it seems that a few of the GOP delegate have found a way to add more drama to our lives.  The movement is called “Delegates Unbound” and comes from Speaker Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.  Is it just coincidence that this group’s organizers come from the state that elected the man who will control the control the convention with his gavel?  I will leave that for you to decide.  Their plan has two parts to it.  The first is to get the enough members of the rules committee to change the rules to unbind the delegates on the first ballot, their hope is enough people will not vote as directed by the state party that sent them to the convention thereby denying Donald Trump a first round ballot victory.  Now if that plan should fail, they plan to to try and convince enough delegates (306) to abstain from voting as is their duty as state delegates and thereby denying Donald Trump a first ballot victory.

So what, in essence could happen, is 306 people could change the course of history.  If you were, as I was, one of the people who voted in the primary because I felt I had some sort of voice, well that goes out the window if their plan succeeds.  If this plan works the next time I am contacted for money, time, boots on the ground etc I will just direct them to the 306 who changed the way a convention was held for many years. contacted to help in the next presidential primary.  My first response if this plan is successful is why don’t you contact the delegates who abstained because they knew better than the entire country what they wanted.  Let those people go out and do the work, let those people donate all the money to beat the democrats, my time, effort and vote were not considered last time, so how can I have any assurance it will be considered this time.

I understand their arguments about how they feelTrump is so bad, will lose so badly, will destroy the GOP and all the other arguments, but it should not matter.  The primaries were held and I am sorry they do not like the results, but they are what they are.  When Donald Trump first entered the race these same sort of people said he will never win, he does not have any kind of ground game in most states.  But state after state we saw Donald Trump do well.  Then they said well Cruz would win but his votes are being split between all the other candidates.  But as candidates started dropping out, instead of Ted Cruz doing better, it was Donald Trump that kept winning.  Even with Mitt Romney endorsing one candidate for one primary and then another at the next primary to try and stop Donald Trump it did not work.  To me this shows that he was a fairly strong candidate. But wait, he is not a conservative so we are doing this for the good of the country!  Funny but they did not do the same thing 4 years ago when we were left with Mitt Romney.  There was a considerable delegation of Ron Paul supporters who not only weren’t heard last convention, they specifically changed the rules to prevent him from being able to even speak at the convention.

Now all the Cruz supporters will start screaming that it was cross over Democrat votes that propelled him to victory and in part that did help.  Donald Trump did not create that rule nor did he try and change it for his benefit, he just did what he needed to do.  If your a member of the GOP and you do not like that rule change it for the next election cycle, do not try and alter the outcome of this one.  Here is another interesting fact that the Cruz supporters need to think about.  Roughly 15-20% percent of registered republicans voted in this presidential primary.  If Ted Cruz had such a great ground game, was such a great conservative candidate, then why didn’t more of the other 80-85% of registered republicans who didn’t vote come out and support him?

For those that feel this will be a slam dunk I want you to consider this explanation of the complex Republican National Convention Rules.

So to wrap this up, these few people are certain they know more about what the American people want, then do the American people themselves.  If this plan works it will be the end of the Republican Party! I hope these people realize they will live with this decision the rest of their lives!  Buckle up it is going to be a hell of a bumpy ride.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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