Do You Want 306 People To Decide The Fate Of The Entire World?

 With all the drama that abounds in the world, it seems that a few of the GOP delegate have found a way to add more drama to our lives.  The movement is called “Delegates Unbound” and comes from Speaker Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.  Is it just coincidence that this group’s organizers come from the state that elected the man who will control the control the convention with his gavel?  I will leave that for you to decide.  Their plan has two parts to it.  The first is to get the enough members of the rules committee to change the rules to unbind the delegates on the first ballot, their hope is enough people will not vote as directed by the state party that sent them to the convention thereby denying Donald Trump a first round ballot victory.  Now if that plan should fail, they plan to to try and convince enough delegates (306) to abstain from voting as is their duty as state delegates and thereby denying Donald Trump a first ballot victory.

So what, in essence could happen, is 306 people could change the course of history.  If you were, as I was, one of the people who voted in the primary because I felt I had some sort of voice, well that goes out the window if their plan succeeds.  If this plan works the next time I am contacted for money, time, boots on the ground etc I will just direct them to the 306 who changed the way a convention was held for many years. contacted to help in the next presidential primary.  My first response if this plan is successful is why don’t you contact the delegates who abstained because they knew better than the entire country what they wanted.  Let those people go out and do the work, let those people donate all the money to beat the democrats, my time, effort and vote were not considered last time, so how can I have any assurance it will be considered this time.

I understand their arguments about how they feelTrump is so bad, will lose so badly, will destroy the GOP and all the other arguments, but it should not matter.  The primaries were held and I am sorry they do not like the results, but they are what they are.  When Donald Trump first entered the race these same sort of people said he will never win, he does not have any kind of ground game in most states.  But state after state we saw Donald Trump do well.  Then they said well Cruz would win but his votes are being split between all the other candidates.  But as candidates started dropping out, instead of Ted Cruz doing better, it was Donald Trump that kept winning.  Even with Mitt Romney endorsing one candidate for one primary and then another at the next primary to try and stop Donald Trump it did not work.  To me this shows that he was a fairly strong candidate. But wait, he is not a conservative so we are doing this for the good of the country!  Funny but they did not do the same thing 4 years ago when we were left with Mitt Romney.  There was a considerable delegation of Ron Paul supporters who not only weren’t heard last convention, they specifically changed the rules to prevent him from being able to even speak at the convention.

Now all the Cruz supporters will start screaming that it was cross over Democrat votes that propelled him to victory and in part that did help.  Donald Trump did not create that rule nor did he try and change it for his benefit, he just did what he needed to do.  If your a member of the GOP and you do not like that rule change it for the next election cycle, do not try and alter the outcome of this one.  Here is another interesting fact that the Cruz supporters need to think about.  Roughly 15-20% percent of registered republicans voted in this presidential primary.  If Ted Cruz had such a great ground game, was such a great conservative candidate, then why didn’t more of the other 80-85% of registered republicans who didn’t vote come out and support him?

For those that feel this will be a slam dunk I want you to consider this explanation of the complex Republican National Convention Rules.

So to wrap this up, these few people are certain they know more about what the American people want, then do the American people themselves.  If this plan works it will be the end of the Republican Party! I hope these people realize they will live with this decision the rest of their lives!  Buckle up it is going to be a hell of a bumpy ride.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

A Storm This Way Comes!

For all the Cruz supporters who feel once the rules are changed and Donald Trump is not the nominee all will be right with the world, this is what he will be facing.

Potential Hilary Commercials

The Republicans ask you to vote for them and they promise to carry out the will of the people. However over 14 million people voted for a candidate and they choose someone else. Sure seems like the Republicans feel they know better than the American voter, this is not representation, this is tyranny.

Ted Cruz is asking for your vote to be president, however during the primaries not even his own party trusted him enough to vote for him to be their nominee, he got it through back room dealings like most Republicans do. The Republican voters must know something they aren’t telling us, do you want to take that much of a risk with our county.

Ted Cruz, America’s 2nd choice in the primaries and second choice now, vote Hilary.

Yes I know Abraham Lincoln was not a first ballot choice, but that was long before the age of digital media. The Dems will have a field day with this happening and lord only knows what other things they have waiting. I am glad you feel so confident that Ted being a constitutionalist and an evangelical christian will be more than enough to win, but the truth is who ever the nominee is they need support of the independents and the moderates to win. Ted Cruz will be portrayed as such a hard line right winger that his stand on abortion and gay marriage will make him appear to be way out of touch with main stream America. Look what they did with moderates John McCaan and Mitt Romney. If you think Trump is unelectable you have not seen anything yet.


I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is.

How The GOP Could and Would Manipulate The Election

For those who are newer to politics and how the party system works this will seem far fetched and when you finish reading this you will might not agree. For those who have been involved with the GOP at the county and state level you will see the possibilities in what I am about to say.

Four short years ago we ended up with Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee. The GOP changed the rules at the convention to make certain Ron Paul would not have an impact because he was a threat to the status quo. Now four years later we have Donald Trump, who is about as far from the GOP Elite as you can get and Ted Cruz, who also is no favorite of the GOP Insiders. This field started with 16 candidates and we the people have spoken, with our time, with our money and most of all with our votes. Now most people incorrectly assume that the GOP is a conservative party, well nothing could be further from the truth. They use that buzz word as a way to trick us into voting for them. They run for office waving the flag in one hand, the constitution in the other and pledge to change Washington. Be honest now and think, how many people have actually done as they promised, a handful maybe. The reason this happens is while a first time candidate who is elected does want to do these things, the harsh reality of DC soon sets in. Those in power bury your good bills in committee and bring to vote only that which fits the GOP agenda. The newly elected senator or congressman is told to be a team player and vote for all these other bills and maybe we will bring one of your bills out of committee for a vote. Another example of the GOP using people is how the GOP used the Teaparty groups. Before an election they were a valuable member of the team and welcomed by the GOP, once the election was over then they were too radical, right wing zealots who ideas were just too far out of the mainstream to be considered. Enough of the history lesson, on to the good stuff.

It is the end of March and we are down to three candidates, Trump, Cruz and Kasich. With Trump, nobody thought he was serious, nobody thought he could win because he did not do the conventional campaign and he certainly is uncontrollable. Next we have Cruz, an evangelical, conservative running as an outsider. He has gone against the Senate Majority Leader in several instances and even called him a liar, again uncontrollable by the party. Lastly we have Kasich, the GOP lefty, who wants to get along with everyone and is embracing much of the Obama policy. If your the GOP elites you have a nightmare on your hands. Two very unpopular candidates with the GOP elites and one candidate who isn’t sure which parties ideals he once to embrace?

Now is when it gets good! The GOP elites have never liked the idea of the electorate picking their candidate for this exact reason. But wait, what if we find a way to make the two front runners unacceptable for various reasons to a segment of the GOP members. Through the media they bait Trump and his supporters so that things spin out of control and people seem to be turning towards Cruz. Mathematically Cruz still has a chance of getting to 1257 and becoming the nominee. Now just as the Cruz campaign begins to pick up momentum things start coming out against Cruz. Allegations of affairs, allegations of dirty tricks and allegations of attacks on Trump’s wife. Welcome to the perfect storm. Now we go to Cleveland and the convention.

Just as the GOP planned, none of the candidates have the needed delegates to cinch the nomination. Both Cruz and Trump delegates refuse to budge and we have done through several ballots. Time for the handpicked GOP “uniter” to appear. Now both Trump and Cruz supporters have no choice but to support the uniter because of all the behind the scenes back door deals that were made. November comes, and surprise surprise the GOP loses. The GOP in their wisdom says they need to make certain they are never in this position again (in other words not in control of the election for their parties nominee) so they announce a system similar to the Democrats where beside elected delegates each state will have super delegates so they can keep in check candidates who do not fit the GOP profile (Cruz and Trump). But what they really mean is now they have a system in place to control the process so the elites can pick the nominee. As they see it, they forfeit the battle, to win the war. Hey, there is always another election in four years so it really won’t matter if we have lost this one as long as we have control. As for the good of the country, the GOP gave up on that a long time ago.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

The Circus The Media Has Created

From:  Chuck Pithy

The dynamics of the 2016 election are unfolding to be unlike anything we have ever had before. We have 16 GOP candidates all vying for the spotlight, limelight, sound bite of the day and of course the top spot in the polls.

To write this without mentioning Donald Trump would be like talking about the weather and ignoring the tornado behind you. From the day he made his official announcement to the present he has been in the spotlight for……. well simply speaking his mind. The Donald, as some like to refer to him have made some statements which have made American’s proud and some which have them scratching their head. What Mr. Trump has decided to do with his campaign is speak his mind and tell the voters the way he sees things. He is unconcerned about being politically correct and not afraid to call out an elected official or candidate because of a vote or a position they have taken. Mr.Trump seems unconcerned about how speaking the truth as he sees it might affect him in the polls. Interestingly enough, he stays near the top of the polls and many people who otherwise might not have considered supporting him now seem him as a fresh new voice.

Now let’s talk about the mainstream media and how they have decided to deliver what they call the news to us. Instead of the whole speech, the whole paragraph of the speech or the whole sentence, they deliver us a snippet. The reason for this is two fold, first it can make the candidate look good or bad depending on what they want, second it can be used against another candidate to upset or anger them.

This is how the media works these snippets. Candidate A says “While Candidate B is for path to citizenship for illegal aliens, he at least understands the need for strong boarders”. Now this was an answer about how Candidate A’s position on immigration differs from Candidate B’s position, the news media will simply state that Candidate A said Candidate B is for a path to citizenship. While this is an oversimplification you get the idea of how this is used.

But this campaign cycle they have upped the ante. They are more concerned about telling us what the candidates are saying about each other than what the candidates want to the voters to know. Then they run to other candidates and ask them about what they think about what the first two said about each other. This reminds me of when my daughter was in middle school and Emily could not talk to Sally because Betty was mad at Sally, Emily would then say things about Sally to Betty about Sally. However the next day Betty and Sally have made up and now are not talking to Emily because of what she said about Sally.

To make matters worse, social media is having a field day with who said what, and because this candidate said this about another person, he should bow out of the race or is not fit to be president. Instead of this being a race about ideas and policies it has become a race about polls and perceived personal attacks.

What we as voters need to do is listen to what the candidates are saying, look at their record, ignore the polls and support the person who you feel best represents the type of president you are looking for. As for all the rest the social media and mainstream media are trying to do, just enjoy the show.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!


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I’m about to drag it out in the open.  Expose this unbelievably vile, damaging, infuriating secret to the light of day where everyone can see it for exactly what it is, so that finally, FINALLY, the American people, Conservatives, Patriots, Republicans, and yes, even Democrats can focus on the REAL enemy within.

In recent days, we have heard from pundants, politicians, media hacks, and political wannabe’s all pushing the same agenda, all demonizing the one individual who has been the first person to tell it like it is on a stage big enough to be heard from sea to shining sea.

The media is against him, the GOP is against him, the DNC, and K Street are against him,  the career politicians are vehemently against him, and yet, with so many voices screaming in unison everywhere we look and everywhere we go, more and more Americans are stopping to hear what he is saying.

In spite of the powers that be trying desperately to convince the American electorate to hate this man, explaining why we must not elect him, we must not support him, we must not listen to what he says, we certainly must not trust him,  attempting to destroy his reputation, malign his integrity, and tear him apart piece by piece, that very American electorate is turning out in droves to vote for him.

Certainly there have been others who have tried to awaken the sleeping giant using many of the very tired, stale, tactics they are using now, in most recent memory Sarah Palin, but these same individuals have always managed to silence them before the giant awakened.

I began to see this 8 long years ago, and had I not personally experienced it myself, I doubt I would have ever believed anyone who tried to tell me it was so.

You see the dirty little secret no one wants the American people to know, the one they have tried desperately to keep hidden from us, the one that it is said in some cases they have killed to keep, is that the American people have been duped! Duped into thinking any of what they do is about or for us.

For centuries they have perpetuated the biggest scam imaginable. For generation after generation they have managed to convince us that “We the people” are in charge by giving us the ability to vote for our representatives and leaders. For generations it worked too! It worked because they controlled the media, we knew only what they allowed us to know, what they deemed we were capable of comprehending without catching onto their vile little secret.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the 2016 elections, people started researching the news they were given, they started calling out politicians who do nothing but lie to their constituents, they started going to Washington D.C. and seeing things for themselves. They began to read the bills that were being written and passed, and they realized their representatives were not reading those very same bills! They started asking why, and DEMANDING answers, and when they got tired of being lied to, they began to replace those politicians with different ones.

What the American people didn’t realize, what they hadn’t quite woken up enough to understand was that, any politician they elected and sent to Washington was almost instantly corrupted and manipulated into playing the exact same game by the exact same rules set up by the exact same people who stand to lose and gain the most by keeping the American giant asleep, in debt, and mindlessly struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck.

You see if the American people are too busy just trying to exist, they won’t have time to realize or understand they are being manipulated, lied to, and robbed, and they will certainly never see it or understand it enough to come together as one AWAKENED sleeping giant and FIGHT BACK with a leader of their own choosing!

Or so they thought…

But now, now the giant is awake. Trump has heard what it’s been saying, and whats more, he has learned how to relate to the giant. To speak to it, to understand it’s anger, and be the one who stands up with that giant and screams NO MORE!

Those of you who are Trump haters, who refuse to even entertain the thought that he might just be as good as his word, that he knows he isn’t perfect, he has been divorced several times, he has made a few bad business choices, (but judging by his net worth, has made far more good choices than bad ones) and he talks to average Americans the way average Americans talk to each other. Occasionally we Americans tell someone to kiss our ass, in anger or frustration we say “go to hell” big deal! Let those among you who have NEVER uttered a profanity to make a point, or express frustration cast the first stone.

Has he been on the wrong side of things politically? Of course he has! We all have! None of you can tell me that you never held a position that ran contrary to the one you hold now politically, or you haven’t changed your mind about something after having had a personal experience with it, or learning the facts behind it that you didn’t know before.

Could Donald Trump be someone other than the person he is showing us now? ABSOLUTELY! But tell me, how many of you behave and talk the same way when your boss is standing behind you as you do when your watching a football game with friends?

Bottom line here folks is, Donald Trump has got what it takes to put “We the people” back in charge of this country. He has what it takes to put corrupt politicians and their friends out of work and give them a taste of their own medicine, to let them feel what it’s like to be scared because they can’t make the house payment, and can’t find a job that pays what their old one did.

He has what it takes to bring jobs back to middle class American workers, to stop the flow of business leaving America because they can’t afford to stay here. He has the balls to tell it like it is when it comes to Muslim extremists, and to stand up and say “we’re sorry, but because you refuse to stand against the extremists among you, we can’t allow any of you into our country until we can be certain you are not one of them. He understands Americans have become afraid for themselves and their families because they are not confidant their country can or will protect them from Islamic pond scum sucking rag heads with a desire to rape our daughters, and destroy our country. He has the balls to go after them and wipe them off the face of the earth!

Donald Trump has the determination to get the wall built, and send millions of illegal aliens back to where they came from! (Don’t bother whining to me about “tearing families apart” either, they knew they were here illegally, and they accepted the risk of having their families torn apart when they decided to stay here illegally.)

If they are here illegally, they have committed a crime every day they have been here, so I along with millions of other Americans have no tolerance for anyone who claims illegals have committed no crimes, and should be allowed amnesty,  when their very existence in my country is a crime! Trump understands this, he agrees with it!

Finally, how many of you have stopped to consider the fact that the VERY SAME people who are screaming the loudest against Trump, and trying everything possible to stop him from becoming POTUS, are the ones who REFUSED to vet Obama even when we exposed his mis deeds, lies, criminal and terrorist friends, lack of background records, questionable associations, and complete lack of leadership qualities or experience, they all turned away from the facts and chose to ignore them, ask yourself WHY?

And why now are they hell bent on stopping the candidate an overwhelming majority of Americans, Independent, Republican, and Democrat want to see in office? WHY?

Why are the Republicans willing to allow their entire party to implode, and expose the fact that we the people don’t chose the presidential candidate, the RNC and DNC do? WHY?

Why are they bringing out every RINO DINO they can find who isn’t dead and buried to help stop the candidate so many Americans clearly believe in, rather than simply allowing the will of the people to be done? If what I have said here is wrong, YOU TELL ME WHY!

The fact is Donald Trump has become the sleeping giant whisperer, and GOD HELP those who refuse to listen to what this giant has to say.


Join The Herd!

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